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One Cup Coffee Makers Reviewed

imageInstant coffee hasn't gone away, it's just gotten a lot better. The need for the "instant" remains strong. Enter single cup coffee makers, which fulfill a need many of us have to brew our own coffee, and to do so on our way out the door without sacrificing flavor or quality. Simply put, we need a new breed of instant coffee, and that's what single cup coffee makers deliver.


Some of the coffee makers reviewed here are pod-based or k-cup-based, and others accept more traditional coffee filters. Pod-based coffee makers and Keurig's K-Cup coffee makers are pressurized like espresso machines and brew more quickly than filter-based coffee makers. Coffee pods and K-Cups are also cleaner than grounds, by virtue of the fact that they are sealed and self-contained.


Simplicity of design is a mark of most single cup coffee makers, and most are easy to use and clean. Single cup coffee makers have:

  • no water filtration
  • no programmability
  • very few moving parts

INDEPENDENT REVIEWS contains independent reviews of several leading one cup coffee makers and is committed to reviewing others on a regular basis and posting the results.